Election 2011

Remember to cast your vote in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary Election on Thursday 5th May.

Your 4 candidates are:

Conservative – Charlie McGrigor

Labour – Donald Finlayson Crichton

Liberal Democrat – Peter Angus Morrison

SNP – Alasdair James Allan

We have invited each of our candidates to tell NorthUist.org.uk why you should vote for them – watch this space for their replies!

ALASDAIR ALLAN, SNP candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, has been in touch with NorthUist.org.uk. Asked why the people of North Uist should vote for him, Dr Allan says:

“In a few days time, Scotland will choose a government – and the Western Isles will choose an MSP.
Both locally and nationally, the SNP can show they have the record, the team and the vision that Scotland needs for the future. That’s why people throughout the islands are giving their support again to the SNP, and why iu am asking you to give me your support again.

A record of hard work and achievement:

For four years I have been your MSP. I believe I have worked hard and not been afraid to speak up for the islands:

defending rural schools such as Lochmaddy

campaigning for fair fuel prices

fighting for jobs in the Western isles Coastguard and Hebrides Range

calling for better broadband

In Government, the SNP have:

abolished prescription charges

slashed ferry fares

removed business rates for 500 island businesses

reduced recorded crime in the islands by 43%

The team that Scotland and the islands need

In both Holyrood and Westminster, the Western Isles need a strong team working together in our interests, something which Angus MacNeil MP and I have sought to be. And Alex Salmond is a First Minister with the stature that Scotland needs in these challenging times. He leads a team that has already shown what a real Scottish Government can do for families across Scotland – a government with a positive message, a government that answers only to the people of Scotland.

The vision for Scotland’s future:

If re-elected, I will fight for:

– the long overdue implementation of a fuel duty rebate in the islands

– the continuation of RET ferry fares, in line with the SNP’s manifesto commitment

– improvements to all ferry routes, and the trialling of shorter sea crossings where demand exists

A re-elected SNP Government will:

– rule out tuition fees or graduate taxes for Scotland’s students

– maintain the council tax freeze for families throughout Scotland

– provide 100,000 youth training places every year

– build 5000 new council houses in Scotland

An SNP Government will be a Scottish Government working for Scotland; the kind of government that wants you to be allowed your say about Scotland’s future in an independence referendum. The kind of government that wants Scotland to have the real economic powers we need to bring jobs and growth to our country.

On Thursday 5 May, re-elect Alasdair Allan for Na H-Eileanan an Iar.

If you:

need a lift to the polls,

would like a poster for your window or car,

would like to register your support for Alasdair’s campaign,

or would like to contact Alasdair about any subject,

Please get in touch:

Email: alasdairallan@western-isles-snp.org

Phone: 07552 416312

Web: western-isles-snp.org

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/AlasdairAllanSNP”

CHARLIE MCGRIGOR, Scottish Conservative & Unionist candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, has been in touch with NorthUist.org.uk. Asked why the people of North Uist should vote for him, Mr McGrigor said:

“IT HAS been a great pleasure to campaign in the Western Isles, and to meet and listen to so many friendly people here expressing their sentiments and concerns.

At this difficult period for our country, we are all working hard to resolve the serious debt legacy left to us by the last Labour Government. The interest that we are paying on this debt is £120 million and this is at a time of low interest rates. Imagine if they were high! We need to act fast.

Scotland needs a common sense government willing to face up to these problems and take responsible decisions to ease the debt burden and get the economy growing again. This is the only way that we and our children can look forward to a brighter future with prospects for prosperity. Some decisions will have to be tough but they must also be fair, especially for the young, old and vulnerable within our society.

My primary aim to make it attractive for people of all ages to spend their whole lives in the Western Isles with sustainable jobs and affordable lifestyles.

We must protect frontline services in health and education at all costs. Senior citizens must receive proper care delivered within their own homes. Community and nursing care must be provided for disabled people and those in hospital.

Our local schools must focus on basics first: reading, writing and arithmetic, as standard. We must teach children about the heritage of our islands and the rich biodiversity that surrounds us here.
Crofting and farming are vitally important here and with the upcoming review of the Common Agricultural Policy I will fight for support for Western Isles crofters and farmers. The Conservatives have an unequalled record of supporting rural priorities. We will support policies which deliver jobs, food production and public good.

I will campaign to ensure that farming and fishing communities are properly listened to and that procedures are correctly followed by Government employees and environmental bodies in disputes where valuable jobs and community livelihoods may be at risk.

Anger and dismay has rightly been expressed regading awards of public building contracts to firms from outside the islands. Local jobs should be done by local people where possible and the Comhairle must be encouraged to award more contracts to local builders. Locally produced food and other products should also be given priority by the Comhairle and supermarket chains operating in the islands.

Having worked as a boathand in these isles as a young man, I am very aware of the great value provided by the Stornoway Coastguard Service and I will lobby in Westminster for the retention of this essential service.

The Lib-Labour growth target of 50% increase in tourism in ten years set in 2005 has failed. The Conservatives will implement key measures to revive tourism in the islands including development of tourist training in Scotland and an EU compliant successor to the Air Route Development Fund. We will place a formal obligation on Historic Scotland to promote our valuable historic assets to attract more visitors.
I keenly support creation of jobs training in emerging technologies such as renewable energy. We supported the foundation of the University of the Highlands & Islands and I am very happy it has achieved its full university status. Lews College has a remarkable renewables unit and I believe that wind, hydro, tidal and wave energy are a huge window of opportunity for development.

I have worked extensively in the voluntary sector and I am impressed by the many voluntary initiatives that I have seen here. We recognise the value of strong local organizations and aim to win them the right make to qualified bids to deliver local services. We support multi-year funding for the voluntary sector, with public bodies reporting on the value of contracts awarded to this sector.”

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